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Helpful Links for K-2 Parents
Literacy Websites
Websites that have all Subject Areas
Educational Apps
iWriteWords  - Learn to write letters and numbers correctly.
Freefall Spelling - Practice spelling common words with varying levels of support.
iToochEducational activities designed to practice skills aligned with National Common Core Standards.
My Editing Buddy - Learn how to edit your work using proofreading marks.
Dragon Dictation - Enhance your ideas by dictating sentences and stories.
Tools 4 Students -  Practice utilizing graphic organizers for different purposes.
Banana Math - Practice math facts and problem solving skills.
Time - Learn concepts related to time, then practice telling time.
Pizza Fractions - Practice identifying fractions.
Science 360 - Explore science concepts through videos and still pictures.
US States - Explore the USA. Learn the states, their capitals, and location.
Where's My Water - Practice problem solving and logical reasoning skills.