The Magic of Learning

Principal - Ami Hoffman




John Marshall is a "magical" place to learn.  Our motto, "The Magic of Learning," exemplifies academic and social development.  The administration, faculty, and staff work collaboratively and cooperatively to create a school community which fosters a love of learning.  Our diverse school community enables our students to appreciate and learn from their  peers.

At John Marshall we pride ourselves in offering differentiated instruction in all subjects and grade levels.  We believe that all children can and will learn to the best of their ability.  Our Collaborative Classroom reading program provides students with necessary skills to improve their literacy abilities.  Collaborative Classroom also enables our students to make connections to all subject areas and strengthen their ability to read non-fiction texts.  The Investigations math program helps the children to gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and operations.  

Our  Media Center is open for the students to use to enhance their knowledge in all subject areas. All of our students are in 1:1 classrooms using either iPads or Chromebooks. 

We have John Marshall Parent University Meetings in which we target different grade levels to help the parents and students learn fun strategies to be successful in school.


We have an active P.T.O. and encourage all parents to join.  The P.T.O. sponsors monthly school stores during lunch time.  Our fundraisers pay for the assembly programs we have monthly.  Please take an active role in your child's school and become involved in the P.T.O.



Mrs. Ami Hoffman